Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Lizard Lotto

I have come to love lizards! I love the transparent pink skin of their belly. The funny thing is I would have probably never known this if it hadn’t been for “Lizard Lotto.” What is “lizard lotto?” you are probably asking. Rey and Miranda call it that.

Moths are attracted to the warm inviting light of our kitchen window and the lizards know this. The kitchen window is small and right above the sink. There’s a light bulb right above it so the light attracts the moths. The lizards lurk around waiting for the moths to arrive. When I’m in the kitchen washing dishes (yeah right!), making the baby a bottle, or any of the various domestic tasks that you do in the kitchen, I can see the lizards light pink underbellys as they hang around on the outside of the window. Their little webbed fingers cling to the glass and I can actually see the tiny suction circles under their toes.

Sometimes there are only four lizards and sometimes there are up to six hanging around and when a moth arrives they all fight for it. The first one to strike and bring the moth to its mouth wins. There have been times when one lizard thinks he won and then another sneeks up and yanks the moth right out of the other’s mouth.

It’s quite entertaining to watch and it provides a great science lesson for the kids right outside our kitchen window. It can also act as a great lesson in life. The game the lizards play remind me of the politics of Corporate America!

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