Thursday, November 17, 2005

Great News!

Good afternoon/evening! I'm about to wrap up the day but I wanted to drop you all a line to tell you my good news. I met with the director of the Houston Institute for Culture today for lunch and he shared some of his goals for the organization. We also talked about organizing a reading for me at their space and I told him I'd like to do something in early January. We will talk again later to nail down a date but I'm thinking early January after all the holiday hoopla.

I hope that all of you in Houston can make it out to hear me read! I'll be reading a part of my soon to be finished novel. I'm also going to submit another short story to the website very soon to keep me top of mind in the Houston Institute for Culture followers' minds.

It hasn't been finalized yet but I may be reading at Nuestra Palabra again in May. More news about that to follow if and when that's finalized.

This is so good for me because it puts the pressure on me to write! Just wanted to share my news with all of you. I'm happy!!

On another note. If you are looking for an organization where you would like to volunteer CHECK out the Houston Institute for Culture! They are short on volunteers and they have so many interesting programs, like a camp for kids in Phoenix. That's just one of the many programs they organize so look into volunteering for a worthy cultural cause.

Nuestra Palabra is also always looking for volunteers, especially for the Latino Book and Family Festival in May.

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