Saturday, November 05, 2005

Saturday is Slipping Away

It's already 1:30 in the afternoon and my Saturday is slipping away. Rey had to get up at 4 a.m. to take a delivery out to some little town outside of Houston and he came back at 8 and went to the book study. I stayed home because the kids, mainly the baby, are still sick and congested. When Rey got back I planned on letting him sleep for a while why I blogged but of course Blogger was down. Then my dad came to visit and that took up some time while I warmed up breakfast and made him coffee. Rey is still asleep but I need to get him up so I can go do laundry. Some friends invited us out to dinner but I don't know yet if we want to get out with the kiddos. Seth's nose is still runny.

Anyway, the day is passing me by and I don't want to feel like another Saturday came and went and I didn't get anything done. I need to do at least half of our laundry. The kids are running out of clothes!

I was fantasizing earlier and thinking about how sadly money is both the root of all evil (depending on how you spend it) and the answer to so many dreams. Isn't that hilarious how that can be??

I was thinking of what my fantasy would be if I had enough money to pull this off and I bet many of you women will agree with me on these.

Enough money to:

1. Have a personal assistant/cleaning lady who not only cleans up after you and your family but finds ways to keep you organized and everything in its place in your house. I'd even say someone I could pay to come in 3 times per week all day just to clean and keep me organized. How much do you think that would cost?

2. To have a pedicure every 2 weeks or less as needed.

3. To have a massage every 2 weeks.

4. To have a facial once a month or more if needed.

5. Someone to come in once a week to cook 5 meals for the week and freeze them and put them in your fridge so you can have dinner ready to just defrost and cook every week night of the week.

6. A personal trainer who works out with you 4 times per week and calls you and makes you go even when you don't want to.

7. To travel to one really cool place once a year.

Any other ideas of what would make you happy? Please share your ideas!


ShoeGirl Corner said...

Tomo! You just made me feel very petty and superficial! :) But that's OK because I still bet most women agree with me. Yes, in a perfect world I wish I had that much money too, but in my downsized fantasy for one I just wish I had enough money for my own selfish pleasures. :)

Anonymous said...

and what about me and the kids????

your husband Rey?

ShoeGirl Corner said...

Oh yeah! Y'all too (totally kidding the rest of you readers) Of course my husband and the kids can go on the trips with me too and share the food the personal chef makes. ;)

Ruth said...

Money isn't the root of all evil.
THE LOVE of money is...
Quite a difference, I think.
I think the things you dream of spending your fantasy money on would bring peace, sanity, and love to your life. Nothing evil about that at all!

ShoeGirl Corner said...

Exactly Ruth. I should have said the LOVE of money.