Saturday, January 01, 2005

No Time To Be Laissez Faire

It’s the first day of the year. Some see it as a fresh new start and an opportunity to get things right this time. I see it as 2005 and I’m going to be 35 this year and oh my! I’m halfway done with my life, if I’m even here that long. It’s a scary thought. I’ll be 35 in 9 short weeks and I still haven’t done everything I set out to do!

I remember every year making a list of things I wanted to accomplish that year but I didn’t call them New Year’s Resolutions. Whether I celebrate New Year’s or not I always look at the year ahead as a fresh new start and I still make a list of goals, both public and private.

Yesterday I decided to pamper myself so I left the kids with Rey for 2 hours while I went to get my hair cut, a manicure, pedicure, and my eyebrows waxed. It felt good. I’ll start of the year at work feeling good.

Then I came home and took the kids to The Mad Potter. Miranda made Rey a cup for the one she broke. He made this beautiful cup a few years ago with water lilies fashioned after Monet’s on one side and Van Gogh’s “Starry Night” on the other. He made the mistake of leaving it on the retractable part of the desk next to the keyboard. Miranda jumped on the desk chair and slid into the desk, pushing the keyboard in and the cup hit the floor and into many pieces. It was sad.

So yesterday we went and made him a special cup I’m sure he’ll treasure way more than his beautiful cup.

Life is funny isn’t it? It’s funny how our priorities shift so quickly when we have children and things that seemed important before don’t any more.

OK, so you all know one of my most public goals for this year. I wrote about it a few weeks ago in the “My New Allergy” entry. That, my novel, and some private spiritual things are my goals for 2005. I have to get serious with my health goals. I was reading something that said, “don’t start on a Monday or on New Year’s Day because it’s too much pressure.” I’m sorry but I need the pressure. There’s no time for me to be laissez faire about this. (I love that word!) It’s now or never!

Last night I did something really nerdy. My sister came over with my nephew. He played X-Box Live with Rey and some of Rey’s friends while my sister interchangeably held the baby and sorted coupons, throwing away anything with a 2004 on it.

I, on the other hand, sorted two years worth of O Magazine and cut out every article I really liked or that I didn’t get to read and thought it looked interesting. Earlier when I went to get my pampering done I had stopped at CVS and I bought some 3 ring binders. The plan is to put all the O Mag article in a binder and thus eliminate one of my pack rat tendencies of keeping 2 years worth of magazines.

A new day! A new year! I’m going to go put my tennis shoes on and I’m going to take the kids out for a walk in the double stroller. Miranda will probably walk ½ way and I’ll let her ride ½ way. At least I’m inculcating exercise values in her. You all have a wonderful day!

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