Monday, January 17, 2005

Very Charlotte's Web

I have to write this before I go to bed and forget. I had a HILARIOUS Belia Casares moment tonight. For those of you who knew my mom you’ll love this.

I hardly ever cook. Seriously. I know! It’s terrible. Well I defrosted some chicken and started to cut it up on Friday night. I never made it so tonight was the last night I could make it before it went bad.

When I finished cooking it my daughter wanted a taste. As I opened the lid to serve her, a little spider came dropping down on a little piece of web right above my food.

I almost panicked but I controlled myself. I quickly covered the pan and slid it to the counter, all the while keeping one eye on the tiny spider so I wouldn’t lose it. With that movement the spider went back up the thin thread back up to the vent above the stovetop. I took off one chancla (house shoe) and swatted it until I was sure it was dead.

After going through all of this with my daughter standing wide-eyed at my side I cracked up. I thought of how if this had been my mother in this situation she would have thrown away the whole pan of food just because the spider could have dropped some eggs in the food when it came down its web.

I also laughed at the coincidence that the ONE day I decide to cook this spider decides to come and visit. It’s almost as if the spider was shocked too and had to come and see for herself to believe it.

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