Saturday, January 08, 2005

Remember the 80s?

I sent my grey jacket to the cleaners 2 times and still it came back with a lipstick stain. I wanted to wear the jacket the other day so I figured I could camouflage the stain with a brooch, since they are in.

I fished in my jewelry box with no idea of what I could use. I thought I only owned one turquoise and red butterfly brooch and that one didn't match. I have a couple of cat ones but they weren't quite the hip pin I had in mind.

As I looked in the drawer I found an old brooch I can’t even believe I still own. It has a clear emerald cut rhinestone in the middle and two smaller dark stones next to it. I decided to wear it and when I got to work I showed it to my co-worker.

"Circa 1986," I said, showing her the brooch, "Remember these?"

She cracked up laughing because she knew exactly what I was talking about. Picture this.

The year is 1986, I'm 16 and I'm going to a party. My hair is cut in a curly bob, I'm wearing a black short skirt, flesh colored hose, black pumps, and a red plaid shirt buttoned to the neck. At the neck I'm wearing this brooch. That memory alone sends me way down memory lane and we reminisce about different outfits we used to own. Yes! I owned a torn sweatshirt off the shoulder with a muscle shirt underneath, a la "Flashdance."

I can't believe I still own the brooch but I hold on to it like I do to so many memories of my youth. I have a friend who says that when we are old ladies we'll be rocking in our chairs smiling to ourselves and our grand children will have no idea what we are thinking about, lost in our memories.

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