Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Smart Women THIRST for knowledge

I knew that writing Chapter 3 would be the hardest because this is the character I know the least. I need to go back to the drawing board and write a total character description on her and really get to know her. I’m procrastinating working on Chapter 3, even though I’ve already started it. My sister made a surprise visit to us this morning from California so that threw off some of my writing today because my day didn’t really go as planned. I’ll have to get back on track soon because I only have 3 vacation days left plus the weekend.

My other sister brought me the cutest little glass yesterday. It has that old pop art on it with two women and it reads, “Smart Women THIRST for knowledge.” It just cracked me up. This one in particular is supposed to be an antique but I love it when I see art that imitates this era.

One artist in particular creates some hilarious art with these old sayings. You can check her out at She has funny quotes like, “Spill it sister!” and a picture of a woman with a cigarette. You have to see them to see what I mean.

I watched “The Stepford Wives” tonight, the new version and it was pretty funny. Not great cinema, but it was cute. It reminded me of that crazy era when women wore frilly aprons and were domestic goddesses.

Okay it’s really late and I need to get to bed! I told my dad and sisters to come over for breakfast and I bought eggs, bacon and biscuits to cook for them. Who’s the domestic goddess now?? Huh? Huh?

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