Sunday, December 26, 2004

My Book

I know you all are probably wondering what my book is about and I really haven’t given you much detail.

It’s a novel about three cousins and their mothers. The three cousins are related because they are the daughters of two sisters and a brother. So the third mother isn’t blood related like the other characters. All of them have mother-daughter issues of some kind and that is the challenge each of them is trying to overcome. Each of them is trying to understand her mother and therefore will only then really understand herself.

It deals with the real life drama that happens in a lot of families and this one just happens to be Hispanic. The girls are second generation Americans and the mothers are first generation Americans but two of them grew up in Mexico so they are still very much in tune with their culture. The third mother is a second generation American so she speaks more English and is more liberal than the other two mothers. She is a very different character all together and is the one that’s not really related to the other two women.

Each chapter is written in the first person so you meet each character and then meet her again when it’s her turn to speak again.

That’s pretty much the plan. I’m not afraid of talking about it because the detailed story is so unique no one could ever duplicate it. It’s really a story that’s different and really out there. It deals with some major skeletons in the closet. I can’t wait to finish writing it so you can all read it!

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