Thursday, August 23, 2007

Happy 10th Anniversary to Me & My Love

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This was originally written on 8/23/07 but shows up as 8/24/07.

I can't believe it! Ten years. Wow! I have so much to celebrate. First of all our patience with one another! Then of course the two beautiful human beings we brought into this world together. They are two precious lives worth celebrating on this anniversary.

Rey shocked the heck out of me and gave me a pair of diamond earrings. I thought we had decided not to give each other anything. He said that all he wanted was to fix his classic car so I didn't get him anything. Imagine my surprise when last night he gave me the earrings! I was so happy and sad at the same time. Happy because I've always wanted a pair of diamond earrings, but sad because I didn't get him anything. That's okay, he'll get his car up and running soon and he'll be happy. Oh! I did send him flowers today. They were delivered in the morning and he called to tell me when they arrived. He was surprised but I don't think he really likes flowers, even though I do, so I don't think I'm going to do that again.

Since he said we weren't buying gifts I decided to buy myself a couple of things. I bought this really pretty bracelet that I saw a few months ago at a store called Silver Ideas. If you live in Houston you need to check out this store. Super beautiful jewelry and rare gifts. I saw this bracelet a few months ago and the lady was supposed to call me back when it was ready (she had to add a bead). I never got a message from her and I forgot about the bracelet. When I was in there the other day I saw my bracelet so of course I had to get it. Turns out she had been waiting for me to come back in to get it.

I also bought myself a new tampon holder from Uncommon Goods. (something tin!) I lost my super cute cowgirl one in the car rental place restroom at the San Diego airport. I was so bummed so I got this new one to take its place. I also got the pill box for my Benadryl.

As I'm getting older my allergy to shell fish is getting more sensitive. I've gotten really small hives when I just have fish that's been cooked on the same grill as the shrimp. That didn't used to happen before. Now I have to make it a point to tell the wait person, even if all I'm ordering is fish.

The other thing I was going to buy myself was a bottle of Lovely. I've been wanting that perfume and actually I haven't had any perfume in a couple of months. I smelled Lovely when it first came out almost two years ago and when I first sprayed it on me it smelled like old lady perfume. But then something very surprising happened. Once it mixed with the PH balance of my skin the smell changed to a very nice "lovely" smell. So I've wanted a bottle ever since. Now that I've gotten myself two gifts and the earrings I feel like I should wait until later.

Tomorrow I'm taking the day off and spending the morning with the kids. In the evening we're going to dinner with some friends who also had anniversaries this month. That should be fun. The sitter will keep the kids through the evening.


Cindy said...

Happy Anniversary, guys! Love, Cindy

Coco said...

Happy 10th Anniversary!!
It's not easy, I know...
May the love that you had 10 years ago continue to grow stronger...que Dios siga bendiciendo esta union.

How are you doing with all that rain? At the moment I don't know if there's a hurricane in the gulf...(I was too sick this week)

Anyway, I hope that all is well.

Take Care!

things aren't well with my mom...
keep us in your prayers.

ShoeGirl said...

Thank you cousin and friend!