Saturday, December 23, 2006

More Clothes

Here I am sharing more cute clothes. When I did my last post I didn't have time to post the other outfits. Here's the bear dress, denim skirt and the barrettes. I couldn't find the black blouse but it's just a regular long sleeved black t-shirt type to match the denim skirt and I got black because it can go with other outfits. See how the cute barrettes go with both the bear dress and the skirt. TOO CUTE!

I went and got her some shoes because she needed new black shoes and I didn't take her with me. I should have. I guessed on her size based on her current shoe size and I guessed too big. So now I have to exchange the shoes.

I never did it today so I told my husband I'd go do it tomorrow morning before our meeting. He laughed at me and asked if I realize that tomorrow is Christmas Eve. I do, but I figured I can go early in the day and it's a shoe store, not a department store. Hopefully it won't be too bad. Wish me well.

I have two goals this vacation since it's a week long. Potty train the baby and make some good progress on my novel revisions. I thought about potty training over Thanksgiving but the timing wasn't really good. I decided to concentrate on the bottle instead. One thing at a time. He did do that. He was still drinking a bottle at night and in the morning and now he's given it up completely. He's drinking from a sippy cup now. I'm so proud of him! My little man!

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