Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The Evening WAS going so well...

I left work 10 min too late and I was rushing to get to both kids. I picked up Seth first and I received some great news. Seth was "invited" to the potty today and he accepted. He "attended" to the potty. he he This is all Montessori lingo! In our language he peed in the potty.

The great news about this is that last night at the Open House the teachers told me that he'd been invited before but he declined. So today's news was great! Last night I was also educated about the "Montessori" way while reading the handbook and learned that my, "SAY GOODBYE!" across the room when I leave are considered "inappropriate." We are only to use soft voices and we are only to speak to people who are within arms length of us. It cracked me up! I guess Montessori isn't for loud people like me but at the same time this is good for Seth.

Okay, so I rush to pick up Miranda and my husband calls and says he's on his way there too. We are both pretty close to her so we decide to race to see who will get there first. When I was just a few blocks away Seth unbuckles his seatbelt. Argh! I had to pull off the road and put it back on so I lost. Rey got to her first.

Since I was already on that side of town and near Kroger I decided to go grocery shopping. I told Rey to meet me over at the Kroger parking lot so I could get Miranda. He had to go to play basketball. SO we went grocery shopping and I'm thinking, "OK great I'm getting this out of the way." I saw one of those great rotisserie chickens and it looked really good for dinner. I bought a mesquite flavored one and brought it home.

Of course when I got home Miranda's asleep and Seth is crying for milk. I get them both off and settled. I went back out and got all the groceries. After everything was put up I was looking forward to eating my succulent rotisserie mesquite chicken.

I warmed up some spinach and went to cutting a leg off the chicken, my favorite part. That's when I saw it! The baked dead black fly sitting on my now not-so-wonderful chicken. I was so disappointed!

I put the chicken back in the container, careful not to bother the fly, and threw away the part of the spinach the chicken touched. I called Kroger and told them what happened. I'll have to stop in tomorrow when I drop off Miranda at school. Then I went to find something else to eat for dinner... the evening WAS going so well. The night is still young. Let's see how the rest goes.

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Saadia said...

I can't tell you how many of THOSE evenings I've had. Just when you think you've got it all under control......CRASH!! That's why I always make sure I have bread, peanut butter and jelly!!!! I'm enjoying your blog - you're so funny! Have you visited lately? I think he's loosing it.