Thursday, August 28, 2008

A Black Cloud With a Side of Rotten Meat

What the heck is up with the black cloud? WHY doesn't it go away? Didn't I kick it away metaphorically? Well it didn't budge. Apparently it's a stubborn black cloud.

I asked my husband the rhetorical question, "What ELSE can happen?" Of course not really meaning it.

Rotten meat happened. Yes, I said rotten meat. As in rotting brisket, bacon and what have you. All the meat that my mother-in-law had in the deep freezer that was in my garage. Either in became unplugged when my husband and daughter's boyfriend were replacing the hot water heater or it broke down.

When I got home today I went into the garage for something and I thought I smelled something foul. Well I was right. My husband got home right after and I told him my suspicions. He went out to the garage and when he came back his face said it all. The poor guy proceeded to go out there and clean up all the mess, including the blood that had leaked out on to our garage floor. It was not a pretty sight from what he described. I couldn't have gone out there or I would have been sick. As it is the smell that was drifting into the house was unbearable.

So don't ever ask what else can happen. The husband of a friend of mine asked the same question last week and she proceeded to trip on the strap of her gym bag, while crossing the street to the locker room at Memorial Park and she fell and twisted both her ankles and cut one of her feet.

And I AM NOT superstitious. It's just funny that things work out this way in my life these days.

P.S. My strep throat started to make a come-back today. I was bad and I haven't finished my antibiotics. I guess that will teach me. AND (drum roll please) the A/C for the SUV? Grand final bill? $1,700!!! Yeah, it's been my week for sure.

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Moose said...

I had to deal with that three week old rotten meat in the freezer thing a few years ago at my brother's house. He was too chicken to clean it... so he called me over for his rescue. I must say, I was amazed at how his 25 lb. turkey turned into a small gooey, giggly blob and bones. That smell of death will haunt me FOREVER!!!!