Thursday, August 21, 2008

I'm Full of Strep

I guess I'm officially not contagious any more because I've been taking my antibiotics for 48 hours now. I felt like a leper yesterday when I went out, before the mandated 48 hours, like I wasn't supposed to be out.

We went to my daughter's "ice cream social" where she met her 2nd grade teacher, a young, fresh faced optimistic looking woman. I hope she's as nice as she appeared on her first impression.

I woke up with a sore throat Monday and figured I had what Rey had. I hung in there all day at work because I had to release a section to the printer. But on Tuesday morning I woke up in unbearable pain. I decided to stay home that day. Well around noon the doctor's office called to say that Rey's strep test had come back positive. I told the nurse I too was sick and she asked me to go in that afternoon. The doctor took one day and said yes, I had it too. Lovely.

So I was out sick Tuesday, worked from home Wednesday, and I'm on vacation today and tomorrow. Today I didn't feel well, but I had promised the kids that I would take them somewhere before school starts next week. We went and spent money and a few hours at the Aquarium. I haven't been able to eat anything all day either. Good and bad. I'm hungry but when I try to eat I get sick and my appetite is instantly spoiled. Not good.

This Saturday is my eleven year wedding anniversary. I have been married ELEVEN years now and we've been together twelve and a half. Amazing.

So we're going to dinner with friends this Saturday. I don't have any idea what I'm going to wear. Isn't that the first thing women always say?

I'm still in shock that the summer is over and that school starts on Monday. I feel totally unprepared. My son is starting Pre-K and I feel like I haven't done enough to prepare him. I feel like even though I've bought the uniforms, back packs, and lunch kits, like I'm still missing something. Like I forgot something...

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