Monday, November 20, 2006

Isabel Allende Quote

Someone asked me on my comments where I read this quote by Isabel Allende, "My mother is the longest love affair of my life. We have never cut the umbilical cord." It's on her website in her photo album on Picture #31, a photo of Isabel and her mother Panchita.

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Adam Luis said...

I just finished reading The House of The Spirits for my Contemporary Novel class! I had to read that book about a year ago, but I just couldn't get through it. In fact, I had tried reading it twice before, and ended up stopping mid-way. I guess the third time was the charm because I really got into it and enjoyed it thoroughly. Plus I aced the quiz on it!

Zorro was also really good. There's only so much new stuff you can bring to an old story, so I was kind of glad when I finished it.

I hope I can read more of work soon!

- Adam