Monday, November 06, 2006

American Girl

I didn't know what American Girl was until I had my own American Girl, my daughter. When my little girl receives an American Girl catalog in the mail she squeals in delight. ( Even I look through the catalog and I remember what it felt like to look through a book like this when I was a little girl. I would longingly look at the dolls and would wish that I could have one with all the beautiful clothes and furniture that came with it.

The only difference now is that I can afford to buy my own daughter a doll and some of the accessories. Not all of them, but some of them, and only one at a time. If I bought all the parts I would be broke!

Miranda owns a Bitty Baby, the baby doll and she proudly tells people that she's the same color as her, her mama. With Bitty Baby and another one of the dolls you can choose a doll that matches your daughter's hair color and skin color.

There isn't an American Girl store in Houston but when I was in New York I visited a store that has a cafe, theater, beauty shop and hospital. Yes, believe it. I bought Miranda a little ballerina outfit for Bitty Baby.

Sunday we had a mother daughter experience when we attended the American Girl Fashion Show here in Houston. ( It was such a cute event. There was a breakfast, lunch and tea. We attended the breakfast.

All the models were little girls from the HITS theater group. In addition to the fashion show some parents paid to have their little girl walk the runway while the mistress of ceremonies read a little bio on her and then they gave her a bouquet of flowers and took her picture. I would have loved to have Miranda do it too. Maybe next year.

We had a nice surprise when I saw my dentist and his wife, who are also acquaintances of mine, and we saw their daughters in the show. They’re a part of HITS.

Miranda had a wonderful time and couldn’t wait to tell her friends about it today at school. It was one of those nice moments when I really enjoy having a daughter and doing mother-daughter activities. It’s nice to know that she’ll have memories like this one when she’s older. My baby girl!

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