Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Alive and Kicking- Vivita y Coleando

Whenever I would call my mom and she would answer I'd ask her how she was doing and she'd reply, “Aqui estoy, vivita y coleando.” Alive and Kicking is the best translation for that one! So even though I haven’t been writing for the past week I’m here.

My sister from San Diego has been visiting this past week so I spent a lot of time with her. She left early this morning so it's back in the saddle again starting tonight, back to my usual schedule. Starting with going back to the gym, after a 2 week absence. First because of my mystery pain and then for my sister’s visit. I also need to get busy writing.

The last few weeks have been challenging to say the least. When I was sick the baby was also really sick and running fever. Then Miranda was sick with a sore throat and an ear ache. Yesterday the baby woke up with pink eye and both his eyes full of gunk. Back to the doctor and we found out his ears also have infection. She prescribed two antibiotics and he needed one of his vaccinations so we took care of that too. Today he woke up with a lot of sleep in his eyes again so I decided to keep him with the sitter one more day until it clears up. NEVER a dull moment when you’re the mother of 2 small children!!

Funny story. This week at the grocery store I bumped into one the little boys from my class the year I taught Pre-K at Browning Elementary. It was so funny! First I saw the mother and I recognized her and we started talking. She told me that her son was there too. He came around the corner and we talked. He’s sixteen now. It was bittersweet. I can’t believe it’s been twelve years since that time and all those kids are almost grown now. How time flies! That will be me with my two kids before you know it.

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Anonymous said...

Uh,HELLO . . . I have one son who will be 21 in Dec, one son who just got married and my 12 year old will so be a teenager. Don't ask ME where the years went - one moment they were babies, I blinked a couple of times and now they're grown!