Saturday, June 18, 2005

I haven’t told all of you but I joined Yeah, very surprising I know. I’ve had a friend tell me before that she didn’t think my weight bothered me because I never act as if it does. She said I seemed very comfortable in my skin. I think that in a lot of ways I am and I have been. The main character in “Real Women Have Curves” reminds me of me. I can relate to one of the last lines where she explains the reason why she’s fat and she says that her fatness tells the world, “Forget you,” in so many words, and that she refuses to give in to the unrealistic expectations people have of what an ideal women should look like. I think that I felt like that for a long time growing up. Don’t get me wrong, I would love to be thin too sometimes when I see thin beautiful women but I obviously have never done anything about it so it must not have bothered me that much.

Now the weight loss has become about my health, my future, and my kids. I know I need to lose weight to keep the diabetes at bay and to be healthier all around. As you all have read for the last couple of months I’ve been trying to walk more and to eat better. I’ve been having a hard time in the eating department so I finally decided to do something a little more radical and I joined

My reasoning behind it had a lot to do with my pregnancy and my gestational diabetes. When I was GD I had to follow a point system based on carbs. Every 15 grams of carbs counted for 1 point and I pretty much had to stay within a certain amount of points per meal. It worked really well for me and as many of you know I lost 30 lbs with the last baby. Sadly after 10 months of being back at work I’ve gained most of that weight back. Part of me reasoned that it was probably also the accountability and having to go in to check with the endocrinologist

Let me tell you about It is SO COOL!! I’m paying for a monthly service as if I were going to meetings and I’m given a certain point allowance per day. I also have a weekly bank of points that I can take from when I go over my points for the day but it’s only a certain amount of points.

I log on each morning and I type in what I had for breakfast and it will calculate the points for you. For example, the other morning I went to Whataburger and got 2 breakfast tacos, well when I got into the office and saw that they were 11 points each I quickly opted to eat one, since I only have 28 points for the whole day. I didn’t want to eat my whole day’s points in one sitting so I gave one away. I do that for every meal and snack and it keeps up with my points and I can view my whole week at a glance to see how I did each day compared to the others.

I’ve been on the new plan six days now and so far I only screwed up and went way over my points one day, the day I took Miranda to Chuck E Cheese and gave in to the pizza. I’m learning to make better choices and to limit my portions which is great. I like it because I’m eating normal every day foods. I’m not eating any pre-packaged foods, I’m not on some crazy starvation plan where I need to drink their special drinks and crap, and I’m not on a eat all meat diet. It’s just normal food that I can continue to eat well past when I reach my goal weight. It’s helping me change my eating habits with the every day food choices that I have in my life.

So that all said let’s see how I finish up the week tomorrow and on Monday I weigh in. I am thinking that it would be a good idea to go to a meeting every other week or so for accountability. It’s $11 and I feel like I’m already paying the monthly fee for the internet service. We’ll see how it goes and I’ll keep you all posted on my progress. You are all my endocrinologists now and I’m going to be held accountable for what I write here.

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