Thursday, June 23, 2005

Actual Conversation With a 4 Year Old at 7 a.m.

Me- Why do I love you so much?

Miranda- Because I grew in your belly.

How did you grow so much?

I grew.

Yeah, you were a little tiny baby growing inside me then you grew to a little baby, were born, and then you came out and you just kept growing and growing.

(giggles) Yeah, and then I grew big and so did baby brother. He's so big now.

I have 2 kids!

You have three. (whispers) My big sister Mandi.

Oh yeah, we have three kids!

When is Sissy going to be a grown up?

Oh.. in about six years.

Then her mother will be old?

No, her mother's the same age as me. She was just really young when she had Mandi. Her and Daddy were just teenagers.

And you were looking for a husband?

(laughing) NO! I was just a teenager too. I was in college.

But then you bumped into Daddy?

Yes, after he wasn't married to Jeanie any more.

And you wanted to marry him?

Yes, he asked me to marry him.

And then you went to the hospital and had me!

Yes I did!

And then your cut got better and when I was three you went back to the hospital and you had baby brother!

Yes I did!

Now your cut is better again.

Yes and I have 2 beautiful kids!

I love you Mommy!

I love you too!

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