Sunday, August 17, 2008

Vodka, Kids and check me out on

OK. Like I've run out of time. School starts in one week and my 11 year anniversary is NEXT Saturday, the 23rd. I haven't done my school shopping either.

Today at a friend's party I told some friends that the kids were a handful and that it wasn't anything a little bit of vodka couldn't take care of. They laughed hard and I was glad a friend who is a teacher could relate to my pain.

Then I told some other friends that I am the complete opposite of OCD. Like the COMPLETE opposite and it irritates me so much when people (aka my sister) want for me to be something I am not.

My life is way too busy to worry about mundane matters. I have a demanding job, two small children and a husband. On top of that I also have an extremely busy social life (by choice) and I am a writer. SO, where does that leave time for cleaning and being OCD? None at all. But the point is, that is my choice isn't it? It's my life not my sister's, mother's, friend's, cat's, or whoever.

OK, so that's my life. If you want to read more about it in a more "philosophical" way go to and check out my blog for the day. Love y'all!

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