Sunday, March 06, 2011

Spring Break is Around the Corner!

I'm starting to get excited. My next vacation is just around the corner. Spring Break! I took the week off this year and I'm planning activities for the children. So far this is the plan.

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Friday Night, Saturday & half of Sunday- Mine. My sister's in town so we are going to hang out together and go to dinner, drinks, etc..

Monday- Houston Museum of Natural Science
Tuesday- Beach
Wednesday- Relax at home, the park, and go see the Waugh bats at dusk
Thursday- Zoo
Friday- Children's Museum

This schedule is flexible. We don't have to do each activity exactly on that date, but I'll be watching the weather because I want to go to the beach on the warmest day. Last weekend we'll play it by ear or we'll use it to do anything we didn't get done during the week. I'm looking forward to being off. I need the vacation.

I need to include running in the schedule each day too. I've been running a lot and I'm on a roll. I have a goal of losing 7 lbs by March 31. I have my mind set on it and I need to make it happen. It's Goal #1 and then I move on to Goal #2 of another 5 lbs. A little at a time to make it happen. Maybe being active on my vacation will help me. Whenever I stay busy I eat a lot less. I just need to concentrate on the exercise too.

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JC said...

Loida! It's John Clark from the 90's Daily Cougar... email me! We're having a DC alumni gettogether Friday...