Sunday, January 09, 2011

A Whole New Meaning to the Term, Working Mom

I sell advertising. Basically that's what I do and when I come across an opportunity I will take it. Very rarely do I have my children with me and that's just what happened to me on Friday.

I had promised my kids that we would check out the new ice cream shop across the street from their school. So Friday after work I picked them up we headed over to the shop to get some ice cream.

While ordering some ice cream for the kids I made conversation with the teenagers that worked there. I asked if the shop was corporate owned or a franchise. They told me it was a franchise and that the owner was local, even living nearby. I pulled out a business card and asked them if they could pass it along to him. When I did that they told me he was right there and pointed to a young looking guy. I introduced myself and gave him my card. I asked him if I could leave some information after I ordered my ice cream and he said sure.

After ordering my ice cream I went back out to my SUV to get the information I had promised. When I handed it to the owner he started asking me questions and I found myself explaining how our insert program works. Meanwhile my kids are eating their ice cream and they would interrupt me every so often. The owner would smile, because he knew of course that this wasn't your typical sales call, since I had kids with me and of course kids are his biggest customers.

Then my son had to be the biggest drama king of all. He dropped his ice cream in the trash before finishing it. All he had left was the cone with the ice cream up to the top of that. He'd already eaten both his scoops. Well he cried so hard, big tears and all, that the guy fell sorry for him and gave him a whole new ice cream, two new scoops and all.

Talk about working with children! It was all pretty hilarious. And no, I didn't get the sale there and then. He's doing something at the corporate level right now and won't be on his own for advertising until the spring. He told me to get back with him later so he's a good prospect for either me if I'm still selling then or for someone else.

This is my first blog post of the year. The year has started off really interesting so far. I decided over vacation that I was not going to have the same year I had in 2010. I am determined to make 2011 a better year and I am going to be very proactive to make sure it is. No more sitting on the sidelines waiting for good things to happen.

Or as Garth Brooks would say.

"So don't you sit upon the shoreline
And say you're satisfied
Choose to chance the rapids
And dare to dance that tide"

I rebuke all the bad things that have happened to me lately and 2011 is going to be a better year for me spiritually, financially, professionally, personally and in my writing life. I will dare to dance that tide.


4 Life said...

Oooo, I love that! Dare to dance that ride! I'm gonna 'dare' right along with you! I plan on 2011 being sweetly successful!!! Blessings to you!

ShoeGirl Corner said...

Thanks for reading TX Playwright Chick.