Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I'm SO GLAD I Don't Need a Catheter

Wow! I never thought I'd have to say that sentence? But I am!! The best part of my surgery was that I didn't have to take a pee bag with me!! I am so excited! I think that was the part that scared me the most, but as it turns out I only had the more minor surgery and not the more major one that would have required me to bring a companion home with me for a couple of days. Thank goodness!

However, it did hurt a lot more than I thought it would. When I came to in the recovery room I was thinking, "Okay, I'm in a lot more pain than I imagined." The main reason for the pain was that I had a catheter and once the nurse took it out the pain subsided. It got better as time went on and by the time they sent me home it was better. All my feminine parts seem to have been fixed and are back in place where they need to be.

I came home and went straight to sleep for a few hours and as I drifted off to sleep I kept thinking, "What if I would have had to bring home the catheter?" I would have begged to be heavily sedated if that had been the case.

I felt better today and I didn't need as much pain medication and I also had several visitors stop by to see me. Most of them were family, including my dad and in-laws. My mom-in-law was a sweetheart and took one child off my hands to give me a little break. She's switching them out and taking the other one tomorrow. That was really sweet of her and does make a big difference.

What's hard to believe is that I'm only six days away from the end of my vacation now. I go back next Tuesday. I was really hoping to do some stuff with the kids, but I don't think I'll be ready to drive and to be out and about tomorrow. I'll wait until Thursday to take them to the museum, somewhere I can sit and watch them while they play, like the Children's Museum. Provided I'm up to it by then.

The hardest part of having surgery at this point is that I can't exercise for an entire week. I can start walking next week when I go back to work, but I can't run or do the elliptical for FOUR weeks. I really need to practice some self control for real now!

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