Saturday, July 25, 2009

Interesting Things This Week

I went to the lab to have some blood work done and it always amazes me how people dress out in public. My favorite was when the elevator doors opened at one point and there was a lady in big black rollers standing in front waiting for the elevator to go the opposite direction. She didn't even have a scarf on her head to cover or attempt to hide the rollers. Another lady was wearing house shoes. Like fluffy house shoes! Wow! Why do people do that? When I get old if I start doing either one of those things please lock me up!

Then I had a wonderful experience at the lab. The young girl phlebotomist almost killed me! She stabbed me in the left arm and then kept moving the needle around to the point that she made me scream from the pain! After all the torture she didn't even get any blood out.

So then she said she was going to take it from my hand and I told her, "NO! Please try my right arm first! I would rather you stick me in the arm again." It hurts really bad in the hand! When I had one of the kids I had to have the IV stuck in my hand and I cried from the pain, it was that bad. Thank goodness she was able to draw what she needed from my right arm. Now I'm sporting a little purple bruise on the inside of my arm.

I received the August issue of Texas Monthly and I'm calling it a Trifecta. There are three great things about this issue.

1. There's an excerpt from my cousin Oscar Casares' new novel Amigoland.
2. There's a review on Nina Diaz from Girl in a Coma,
3. In the cover story, "The 50 Best Burgers in Texas" Speedy Burger's Mexican Burger is listed as #48. Speedy Burger is down the street from my house on Irvington and I LOVE their Mexican burger. YUM! I'm so glad it got the recognition it deserves.

So it's official. I'm having surgery in early August. I have to have a hernia repaired. Yes, yuck, I know. On a bad note, yes it will be painful the first couple of days and yes, I have to be absolutely still for like a week.

But on a good note, I will be at home for two weeks and I have a list of things I'm going to do while I'm having to stay at home. Like finally finishing Seth's baby book. Yes, he's 5 and I'm just now finishing it. I also have a couple of other projects I need to get started and this will be a good opportunity to get them done.

The first week I can't drive and I have to be pretty still. The second week I think I can drive but I can't do anything strenuous. So the first week, after the initial pain wears off, I can get some of my projects started.

I know I encountered a lot of other interesting things this week but I can't remember them now. I'm getting old. Oh yeah! Which reminds me. It's now going to be 29 weeks to 40! The count down begins!

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