Sunday, December 14, 2008

Update on Weight Loss

I haven't reported on my weight loss in quite a while. I can probably say I'm 45 lbs less now. I'm technically down 44 lbs, but what's one pound? I can round up because I know I'll lose that one pound soon.

More exciting than the 44 lbs is that I am two-three sizes smaller on my top (depending on the cut of the top) and three sizes smaller on my bottom. My top is larger than my bottom. (Yeah, I think you all know why.)

My sister came by today and brought me a pair of pants from Ann Taylor that's four sizes smaller than my original size and they fit. Now I realize that Ann Taylor does major vanity sizing, so the pants are probably really larger, however, it was still very cool!

Now I can go into Ann Taylor and I can ask to see clothes in my new size! I'm so excited! I can't wait to go shopping for new clothes soon.

Friday I wore a new dress to work that's three sizes smaller. It's really snug on the top, but it fits really well around the hips. My co-worker was so glad to see me in something fitted because all my clothes are all so big on me.

So there you go. 45 lbs less as I near my one year anniversary with my lap band. Less than I expected, but way more than I would have ever done on my own. I know that for a fact.

So I'm grateful for where I'm at and I'm going to continue on for another 45 lbs in 2009. When I lose 45 more pounds I will be very very close to my ideal weight and the weight I was in 10th or 11th grade. That's my goal for 2009!

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