Thursday, December 18, 2008

Handbag Fetish

I think I am quickly developing a fetish for handbags as bad, if not worse, than my shoe fetish. Actually I really need some new black shoes and I have not bought any. True, I have been to at least two different stores to look at black shoes, but I haven't found anything I am really happy with.

Today I took the kids to buy nice dress shoes and I fell in love with a big giant bag. I want to wear it to work tomorrow, even though I really don't have anything to go with it. But really it's one of those purses that can go with anything so I shouldn't fret.

I can't believe we are at the end of another year. I'm on vacation the last couple of days of the month and the first couple of days of the year.

I have a busy weekend ahead of me with a two day assembly and I'm trying to be proactive by doing something each day in preparation. Today it was the shoes and tomorrow I'm buying groceries and making sure that our outfits are all ready to go. I think I know what everyone else is wearing, but I don't know what I'm wearing one of the days. Friday night I just need to make lunch for Saturday and I need to make sure we all go to bed at a decent hour.

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Moose said...

Fetishes are good to have. ;)

How can I come across that cookbook? I will be in Houston Monday the 22 til the 28th.