Monday, May 05, 2008

The Joys of Motherhood & Lapband Update

Oh the joys of motherhood! Yesterday I went to Target to exchange a coffee pot and I decided to go by the clothing department to try on a smaller skirt. I bought another skirt recently, that was two sizes smaller than the size I used to fit into, and it started feeling slightly loose this week. So I went by to see how another smaller size would fit.

I had my four year old son with me, sitting in the buggy, and since I didn't want to bother going into the dressing room, I just took the Isaac Mizrahi skirt off the rack and slid it up over my baggy shorts.

My son was watching me and he says real loud, "What are you doing? Are you going to be in your underwear?" loud enough for others to hear.

I was embarrassed. Everyone around me heard, of course, and someone even peeked over to see what I was doing. It was a mom pushing her own baby in a stroller.

"No," I responded loudly enough for them to hear too, but not to loud, "I'm just trying this skirt on over my shorts."

"Why are you looking at clothes if you came to get a coffee pot?" he wants to know.

"Because I'm just LOOKING!" I tell him.

I hear people chuckle around me.

"Look a button!" he says pointing at the sleeve of a shirt. The sleeve has a little plastic bag attached to it with an extra button.

Before I know it he grabs the button and tears it off the shirt. As punishment I made him tell the sales lady himself.

I'm glad to report that the skirt, that is three sizes smaller than what I was wearing, went up over my hips and almost closed. It just didn't zip up all the way. But it will soon!

Later we went to get my son's hair cut. He was being rambunctious and I kept telling him to sit down. Suddenly he says to me, "Why does it stink in here?" really loud again.

"Shhh!!" I say to him, not knowing if someone around us smells bad.

"Because I farted!" he answers, very loudly and proudly, I must add.

Ay a yay! The joys of motherhood!


Coco said...

Very funny!
Your little boy sounds like a "happy" and "healthy" boy. : )

New wardrobe?! Wow!! Congratulations! : )

Un fuerte y caluroso abrazo...

Coco said...

4512 Sonora Way
Union City, CA

Ma. del Socorro Estrella-Duran
*prefer- Socorro

Fuertes y calurosos abrazos,

Moose said...

Aye! He reminds me of my son Joseph. It was always SHOCK and AWE.

I agree with coco about him being happy and healthy.

Enjoy it!