Monday, September 03, 2007

Maná Concert in Houston Was Awesome

Rey and I went to the Maná concert on Saturday. It was such an incredible show. I've been a fan of Maná's music for close to 15 years but unbelievably I had never seen them in concert. I am so glad that I went Saturday night. The show was so good! The lead singer, Fernando Olvera is so cool with such an amazing voice. The drummer Alex Gonzalez did a 1o minute drum solo.

Check out what Sindy Funk from La Voz & La Vibra (the Chronicle) had to say about it prior to the show. Check out her links to some of my favorite Maná songs/videos on U Tube. If you're not familiar with their music you have to listen to these lyrics. They are haunting! Watch and listen to the Ojalá pudiera borrarte video.

The band was here for two shows, both Saturday and Sunday and they were sold out both days. At one point the editor of our Spanish papers and I were looking out at the crowd and all the energy that they were exuding and she said she wished that others could see this. I told her, "These are our readers. This is who we want to reach." She nodded in agreement.

It was so cool to see all the different Hispanics that were there that night. Yes, I'm sure the majority of the people there were of Mexican descent but there were such a mixture of different levels of acculturation. There was me, a fifth generation Texan, my second cousin who I bumped into, who's a six generation, first generation Mexican-Americans, and everything in between. Maná appeals to that many people.

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