Sunday, October 29, 2006

Los Agentes

OK, so I've sent out eight queries to eight agents today. I received one immediate response within 5 minutes of sending it, I'm not kidding you. He said not for him and that was it. Not too bad. Another band-aid I ripped off because if you remember I submitted a query to another local agent a few months ago and she also rejected me. But I don't really count her because she was more like a practice query so I could see what it feels like to be rejected.

I may have 7 more rejections in my box tomorrow. But then again I may have one asking to see more and then what? YIKES!!! I will have to be prepared that's what.

Keep you posted. Sorry I haven't written about anything else more interesting. Maybe I'll post another poem. This beautiful weather this weekend was inspiring.

One last note. A shout-out for my primo. Check out my cousin Oscar Casares' latest article/essay in the November Texas Monthly Magazine. It's really good and thought provoking.


Anonymous said...

As hard it rejection is better to hear a no (and know that you're doing something about it) than not doing anything at all...I hope that make sense...

ShoeGirl Corner said...

YES! That's exactly how I feel. I just told Rey that last night too. I feel like I'm finally DOING something. Even if I'm getting rejections. At least now I'll know.