Friday, August 19, 2005

Too Many Random Thoughts

I have a lot to say today so hold on. First off, this girl who doesn't have e-mail asked me to send out an e-mail to various friends from our congregation (from my religion for those of you who don't know the JW lingo) to see if we could get a walking club going. I did this and 3 people replied. I went today and granted today was the first day, but no one showed up, not even the girl who asked me to organize this group. I hadn't realized that it's getting dark earlier (already!) so I had to stop after only 25 minutes because it was dark at 8:30. That's what I did tonight. I walked alone with the 2 kids. Miranda was upset because she wanted to play in the playground but it was too dark and I got a scared feeling so I followed my instincts. I just hope that the people who expressed an interest in walking can join us next week.

Earlier today I had a hilarious time because I went to take pictures of the kids and I didn't take my own advice. I recently advised someone with a new 2nd baby for her not to try and take photos of both kids together and then separately on the same day. I told her to do one or the other. I, being the procrastinator that I am, never took the kids for their pictures when Miranda turned 4 and Seth 1. He's 15 months now and I barely took them today.

I did baby boy first because these are his 1 year old pictures and he's already been shafted like the second child and hasn't had as many pictures taken of him. His pictures came out great and he was in a great picture taking mood. Miranda on the other hand, took some great photos when it was just her but when it came time to take the one of both of them, forget it! She was so unruly and did not want to cooperate. There were a couple of times that we could have gotten some wonderful shots of him kissing her and all she had to do was smile and instead she was making faces and the whole thing. I ended up so frustrated and we never got any photos of the 2 of them together. We'll have to leave those to another date and sitting. Maybe next month...

The good thing was I took a semi-half day off because I worked until 2:30 but I got a lot done at work today.

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