Tuesday, January 06, 2009

The Year in Review- Blog Entries

Instead of giving you my top blogs of the year or my favorite blog entries of the year I am going to review the top searches that took people to my blog and a link to the blog entry they ended up at. Interesting.

The top winner ever time is 7th Grade Science Project Ideas which I wrote because everyone always searching for this topic always ended up at this other blog entry from 2005, 7th Grade Science Project, which I think is a very sad story.

Next comes Favorite Nike Quotes. You'd be surprised how many people all over the world search for this topic and end up at my blog.

Third is an entry about Super Cool Stationary. Apparently a lot of people have a need for this.

And YES, people DO search for the topic "Man Breasts" and end up at my wonderful entry, Can You See My Man Breasts Through This Shirt?

And finally, this one is pretty cool. People end up at my blog when they do a search for skirt! Magazine and they end up at my very first blog entry ever about skirt! And to think that I write for them now!

So there you have it! The top five blog searches that have brought unsuspecting souls into my lair.

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