Saturday, May 10, 2008

Running Update

I ran again last night. This time I walked 5 min to start, ran 20 min and then walked 5.

While I ran I thought about one of my very good friends and how much weight she lost the Spring that she ran a lot. She was running in preparation for a summer trip to Europe. I thought about her as my incentive when I was running. The inches just seemed to fall of her within a few months. I hope that can happen to me too.

I saw my sister last night and I told her that I was running. She said that now the pounds will fall off, but she also warned me that it can be addictive. She used to be an avid runner before her back started giving her so many problems.

I don't think running will be addictive for me because I've never liked to run, but last night it felt really good. Weird.

But then last night before I went to bed I started feeling sick from an unrelated manner. Too crazy! I'm still feeling a little sick, even now. I hope I get better by tonight because I have plans.

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