Sunday, May 25, 2008

Mommy/Step-Mom Weekend

I have a four day weekend by accident. By accident I mean that I didn't plan it that way. What happened was that my daughter had Field Day at school on Friday and I took the day off to be there and to take a cooler of drinks for them. It wasn't until Monday that I realized that it was also Memorial Day weekend and therefore I had a four day weekend. Woo Hoo! This weekend also coincided with my step-daughter's visit. My husband hadn't seen her in probably over a year so he was really looking forward to that.

She came in on Wednesday night because she was going to the Iron Maiden concert on Thursday. She ran around town Thursday and Friday with her friends that came with her but yesterday was the first day that my husband had the full day to hang out with her. We took them to Keemah, walked around and then had dinner at Joe's Crab Shack. Then we came home and I stayed with the little kids while he took the older kids to Dave & Busters and to play pool.

Today hopefully we're going to visit the Outlets before they leave. If the big kids ever wake up! I'm up with the baby, who is up earlier than everyone else, of course.

Next weekend, coincidentally, we're going to New Orleans, where she's from, for my in-laws' 40th anniversary celebration. We had already planned that trip before we knew she was coming to visit. We wanted to take my in-laws on a cruise, but we couldn't find one leaving on Thursday and coming back on Sunday. All of them come back on Monday. So since they enjoy "playing" in Louisiana we decided on New Orleans. I haven't been since Katrina. I realize I'm in for an eye-opening experience.

Tomorrow is Memorial Day so I still have one more day off. I'm thinking of taking the kids to Discovery Green to play in the water sprinklers. We'll see!

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Coco said...

4 day weekend, yay!!
time for family and fun : )

shopping?! yo quiero!

cruise?! tambiƩn quiero!
i've never been on a cruise...
nor to Louisiana, for that matter.

un fuerte y caluroso abrazo,

i dreampt my mom...
and posted about it