Monday, April 28, 2008

Manic Monday

I lost my CD case with all my favorite CDs, on the side of the freeway, I was chased down by a little dog, and I bonked my head on the door to my SUV trying to get away and it was barely 9 a.m. Read on if you’re interested in hearing one of my "only you Loida" stories.

Rey and I had to switch out SUVs this morning because he had to take my SUV in to have the brakes changed. I went outside in my nightgown. Maybe that’s where I started off on the wrong foot. I should have stayed inside. I reminded him to leave me his key and to put the car seat in his SUV. He did and then I had to go back out to unlock the doors, so he could put the car seat in. I noticed then that he had put my umbrella on top of my roof. I made a mental note, "put umbrella in car before I drive off."

Around an hour later I went back out to load my son and bags and I reminded myself again to get the umbrella. Once we were settled in and buckled in I pulled out of my driveway and out to the feeder road. Imagine my surprise when I heard something slide across the roof of my car and fall off. I figured it was my umbrella and cursed at the loss, but I kept driving, thinking the umbrella didn’t cost that much. Plus it was already half torn.

When I got to the sitter’s with my son I saw my umbrella on the floor of the passenger side. I called my husband.

"What else was on the roof of your truck?"
"Your CD case and your head band."
"How did you not see it?"
"Maybe because I'm super short!" I yelled.
"I've got to let you go."

So of course I had to drive back to the scene of the incident. I drove back and parked on a side street. I walked out to the side of the feeder and walked along the sidewalk. There are a couple of houses there and a little brown dog in the back yard of one of them started barking at me. Then he came out of the yard.

"Get back!" I yelled at it. Anybody who knows me knows I'm terrified of dogs, big or little.

First he stopped and went back and then as I started to walk away he started to walk towards me fast.

I walked faster. I panicked. I dropped my key. I picked it up fast. I got in the truck in a hurry. I bonked my head. Just then I noticed in embarrassment that a man had seen me. He was parking next to the gate of his business and was getting out to open the door.

"Excuse me," I yelled out at him and he approached me cautiously.

I didn't notice it at first but thought about it later. I realized he had seen me running from the street, in my chanclas no less (I wear flip flops in the morning when I get the kids into the car and don't put on my heels until I get to work), and I'm sure I looked suspicious running to my SUV and getting in in a hurry.

When I told him that a little dog had chased me the little dog walked by all non-chalant and didn't even bark at the man. The man cracked up. He took pity on me and he walked down to the feeder and looked around.

"If someone saw you drop that CD case they picked it up," he said.
"I know," I sighed defeated.

My head hurt. I was already late to work. It was Monday. I drove to work sadly. I told my story to my co-workers.

Then when I went home at the end of the day as I walked towards my SUV I couldn't believe my eyes. My favorite black head band (the one that doesn't hurt me and that I can wear all day) was still on the roof of my car, stuck under the luggage rack. Now why couldn't that have happened to my CD case? It's way heavier than a head band. It was the more logical choice of the two. Go figure! The super light headband is the one that stayed on the roof of my car all the way to 59 South and 610. Crazy!

Goodbye Cri Cri (kids' music in Spanish), Lori McKenna, Dixie Chicks, Garth Brooks Live double cds, Walk the Line soundtrack, and anything else that I can't remember now.

I drove by slowly again this evening on the way home. Nothing.

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