Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Gloria Vaderbilt Jeans

In the 80s Gloria Vanderbilt, Calvin Klein and Jordache jeans were IT. Remember that? My sister used to let me borrow her Jordache jeans when I was in 7th grade and she gave me a pair of old Calvin Kleins she didn't want any more. I was ecstatic! Those, Nike tennis shoes, and OP shirts were the thing to wear.

What ever happened to those jeans? I'm not much of a jean person any more so I don't keep up with them. I've seen some updated versions of Calvin Kleins. I wear his perfumes more than his clothes nowadays.

Well, my mother-in-law, the queen of bargain shopping, gave me a pair of Gloria Vaderbilt jeans, 2 sizes smaller than my pre-lap band size. Today I tried them on and they fit comfortably. Like I have enough room to run my finger around my waist line comfortable. Pretty amazing! TWO SIZES down!! It's amazing what 23 lbs (almost 25!) can make!!!

On another great update Literary Mama sent me an e-mail today with some awesome news. They chose my essay that I submitted as a writing prompt to Terri G. Scullen’s essay, “Green Means Go.” They will be publishing it on their online literary magazine!!

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