Saturday, April 05, 2008

Eggs & Wienies

I'll never forget the time I happily took breakfast to a team meeting. It was supposed to have a Mexican theme and I had often talked to a co-worker about the similarities in our ethnic diets. I told him that we cooked chicharones or pork skins in a red chili and that they were really delicious this way. He said he'd be curious to taste them, so I always said I would bring tacos one day.

I finally had a chance to do it, so I took a variety of tacos, from a taqueria in my neighborhood, to the team meeting. Mixed in the group were some egg and wienie tacos. I was really surprised when I saw the reaction of some of our co-workers that were not of color. They thought that eggs and wienies were gross. They made faces and turned up their noses at those tacos. They prefered the egg and potato or egg and bacon tacos.

It's so funny to me when we are so used to a specific custom and we think it's perfectly normal, only to encounter people who don't find it normal and even find it strange.

When I was a kid my mom always cooked up wienies and mixed them with other foods, specifically eggs. I didn't think it odd when I saw these at the neighborhood taquerias.

So this morning I made eggs and wienies for breakfast. The kids love it when I make that. My son was saying that he didn't want anything to eat, but when he saw that it was eggs and wienies he changed his mind. So it was a wienie and egg day!


Coco said...

once in a while i'll crave eggs & wienies...though, my husband thinks i'm weird, i enjoy my tacos de huevos c/wienies.

*reminder to self...
buy wienies!

hug & blessings

ShoeGirl said...

Coco, Thank you for admitting to loving eggs & wienies too!