Monday, September 03, 2007

Ladrón Que Roba a Ladrón

One more thing from Sindy Funk's blog. Ladrón que roba a ladrón. What a cool idea! Make a movie in Hollywood with an all Latino cast of Telenovela actors. I just wish they'd done a better of marketing this movie. I think it is so ingenious! All of these actors are famous in not only their home countries, but also in other Latin American/Hispanic countries.

Even third generation Hispanic Americans watch the Spanish telenovelas. My mother watched them and she was Spanish dominant, first generation American, and my in-laws watch novelas and they are something like 8th generation Americans/Texans. My sister, who was in the Navy and stationed in Italy a couple of tours, says that the Italians watch the telenovelas, dubbed in Italian of course.

I think the story line sounds hilarious. I hope that the movie does well and that people don't get all caught up in finding it insulting to Hispanic, etc.. It's just an Ocean's Eleven kind of story line with Latinos. Check out the trailer on U Tube- Ladrón que roba ladrón.

Check out this review.

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