Saturday, June 16, 2007

Very Sad about Bitten

I made it out across town to the Steve & Barry's store at Almeda Mall. Everything is REALLY casual. Cute, but casual. Three of the dresses I had seen on either Oprah or in O Magazine were there but none were in my size. Being a plus size girl myself I was looking for the larger sizes advertised. There were none. At first I thought that they were sold out of my size but then I saw a bunch of clothes that had just come in and they didn't have my size either. That's when I sadly realized that there was nothing there in my size.

I bumped into a co-worker there and she told me she had to buy everything a size larger than her regular size. I thought that was interesting.

When I came home I started googling to see what others had said about the clothing line. One of the comments I saw over and over again was that the sizes ran small. For example, someone who wore a size 8 in jeans had to buy a 12 but then the waist was too big. They said the sizes were true to the designer sizes. Very interesting....

I hate saying that Sarah Jessica Parker made me sad because it's really not her. Actually it's Steve & Barry's that didn't make sure to have more of the larger sizes. I've written to them about it. Let's see what they answer. I also asked them if they were planning to make a store in a more central location.

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Coco said...

I'm sorry you didn't find anything in your size... I hope that once they get your letter the stores stock up in larger sizes!

Yes, they need to be centrally located!! I can't find one near me, and I'm near San Francisco!!