Saturday, May 26, 2007

School's Out for Summer!

School is out. My laptop died. I've been doing really great on Weight Watchers. The baby is half potty trained. My house is an out of control mess. I'm going to spend the long weekend cleaning and washing.

It's such a shame that I have a nice long weekend and what I need to do more than anything is clean my house. It is beyond messy right now, if there's such a place as beyond. You get the picture. My cleaning lady hasn't been here in 2 weeks and she's the one who helps me keep it somewhat under control. I actually pick up a little the day before she comes so it's not so messy and she can do the real cleaning.

One of the best parts of school being out is that I will be able to work out again on a more regular basis. There won't be any more homework or worries about getting Miranda to bed at a decent hour. I can pick them up after work and go straight to the gym from there. This week I went to the gym twice. I worked out 40 minutes one day and an hour the other. It felt good. That together with following the Weight Watchers points plan really close and taking a Noni juice shot twice a day and I've lost 5 lbs already!

And yes, the baby is half potty trained. He's going pee-pee but he's still having issues with #2. He has no problem going #1 because he just stands to do it. He doesn't like the idea of sitting on the potty. If you have any ideas on how I can get him to go on the potty send me an e-mail.

The sad part of my story today is my laptop. It actually died! Half the screen is blank. I'm so disappointed. I haven't touched my novel or updated my lit agent list in over a week. I don't know when I can get another one. Meanwhile I will have to back up all my stuff to my external hard drive and put my novel folder on my desktop. Which means that Rey and I have to share computers now. Oh well, it could have been worse. At least I can still access my files.

Busy weekend ahead of us. I'll write more later.

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Coco said...

Yay for school being out!!
I bet your little girl is happy : )

I'm sorry your laptop died...ouch!

Cleaning?! Ughh!! Yuck!! Especially on long (pretty weather) weekends Wish I had a magic duster... : )