Sunday, August 06, 2006

Shoes and More Shoes

Joan and David

Beautiful Franco Sarto shoe! I almost bought this one in pewter. It was gorgeous in that color but the 8.5 (my new size after 2 kids) was too big and kept slipping off the back. I ended up buying the black one like this one in size 8.

I had to go shoe shopping again. My every-day-wear black slingbacks that I probably wore way more than my other shoes started falling apart. First the heel kept popping out then the shoe just tore on the side. SO I was forced to go buy a new pair.

The day after I tore my shoes I wore some other back-up open toed black slingbacks to work and was really dismayed to find out that that pair had seen better days. So in all fairness I had to buy TWO pairs of black shoes. What can I say? I wear black shoes more than any other color. It happens when you work in a semi-conservative environment like I do. I love Nordstrom! They are so good at shoes.

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Suvii said...

LOVE them! Ahhhhh... a girl after my own heart!