Monday, August 21, 2006

Seth’s First Day

My poor baby. He starved for breakfast. He wanted a little girl’s cookie and he threw a tantrum and didn’t want his Cheerios and milk. Therefore he didn’t eat until lunch time. The teacher said he ate everything then. My poor little hungry lamb! I guess nursery school is also like boot camp.

He also cried during nap time and when he had a poopy change. They don't change kids laying down. They change them standing up, I guess in preparation for potty training. They make them touch their toes when they wipe him. He had issues with that. Other than that he did OK.

The funniest part was when I went to the toddler house to get his stuff with the teacher. He walked in with us and sat down automatically at his chair. The teacher smiled and turned and looked at him and said, "Thank you for sitting in your chair."

I couldn't believe they had him trained by this afternoon! Pretty impressive! That wild child may still have some hope. He was wearing his Leon, Guanajuato t-shirt with a lion on it that reads, "El leon no es tal como lo pintan."

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Suvii said...

I think next year when AJ turns two I am going to enroll him in a pre-school/daycare setting. He needs the interaction with other kids and needs to learn discipline and structure. I am blessed that he is cared for a grandma's house right now, but the truth is he is spoiled rotten there and they let him get away with everything! How awesome that your little man is already adjusting and doing well! It must make you so proud.