Tuesday, August 16, 2005

A Week Without Words

Okay, I'm being melodramatic. I may have not posted here in over a week but I haven't had a week without words. I had a "Private Book Preview" for some friends on Saturday. It was really nice to read some of my material from my novel to them to get feedback and a sense for if I'm on the right path. I like to know if my stories are "sellable."

A few months ago when I read at the Nuestra Palabra showcase there was an author that doesn't like that approach. She prefers to write in solitude and she doesn't let anyone read her words while she writes. In fact, she advised us all not to read our works in progress. I used to think I would feel this way too. Actually, I did in the early days of writing, but not now.

I take pleasure in reading my words to others and watching their faces while I read. I look at them to see if they look interested or bored. Reading aloud gives me a feel for the words and how they flow.

I've read in public a few times now and I like the feedback I get. However I can't really see the people's faces from a stage. In this smaller setting, like my dining room table, I could really see their expressions and their interest.

I appreciated the friends who made the time to come and hear my words and encourage me to keep writing. They said that I was definitely on the right path to writing a book that would be interesting, but specifically to women. Of course I knew that.

One more note! Two months to the day until the CRUISE!!!

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