Thursday, August 04, 2005


I've gone walking three days in a row. Yesterday Miranda went with me and walked/jogged most of the way. I was out 40 min and she walked 30 of those minutes. She finally got in the stroller for the last round around the block.

I love for her to get exercise so I encourage her to come with me but I also really like for her to get in the stroller too. When she and the baby are in there together I'm pushing roughly 80 lbs. 50 lbs of Miranda, 25 lbs of Seth, and maybe 5 lbs of stroller since it's a double stroller. So it's a great work out to push both of them. When I do I can feel it in my arms and in my back.

Today she didn't want to go with me because my nephew is visiting us and staying overnight. His mom had to go out of town. So she was excited about having a visitor and she stayed in and played.

I also like for her to go with me because I feel like I'm encouraging her to exercise and we're making it a way of life. She loves to run so when I bought her her last pair of tennis shoes I got her running shoes from Stride Rite.

I probably talk about my kids way too much but that's OK. They are part of my life right now. One day they'll be grown and they'll be living their own lives and all I'll have left are my precious memories of them.

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