Sunday, August 21, 2005

The Waiting Place

I'm waiting for a girlfriend to call me. We're going to dinner. Does the title The Waiting Place remind you of Dr. Seus's book, "The Places You'll Go?" I love that book. It is such a great allegory on life.

Speaking of reading. I forgot to mention that I'm almost finished with Amy Tan's "The Opposite of Fate." I've been reading it slowly but surely. I don't have as much time to read like I used to. I love this book! If you are an Amy Tan fan you should definitely read it. All her books have been based loosely on her mother's life but this is her first real biography.

One chapter deals with "other dangerous topics" as she calls it. It discusses her point of view of being called a woman of color, a minority author, being studied in literature classes and so on. She makes some really good points regarding being an American writer, because this is what she considers herself. Some Hispanic authors have talked about the same topic but somehow the way Amy Tan presents it drives her point home. I could understand what she was saying because I didn't learn about her until I read her book "The Joyluck Club" in either my Women in Literature or Minorities in Literature class as an undergrad.

Which reminds me, I recently looked at the requirements and courses at UH for a PhD in Creative Writing-Literature and the classes look so interesting. I would love to have the free time to go back to school but I would rather finish my book first. It's just a thought...

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