Thursday, August 04, 2005

One More Thing

Miranda told me and Rey that the Chupacabra was going to come get us. When we asked, "What? Where did you hear that?" She said that when Scooby and the gang went to Mexico they saw the Chupacabra! Thank goodness for good ol'fashioned TV and Scooby is still keeping up with good scary stories. Turns out the chupacabra was really just a robot. Of course! Did we expect any less from Scooby Doo?

Most of you know Miranda is 4 years old. Today she brought me a piece of paper she said was a letter to her cousin Emily. She drew a heart and wrote an I and a U then her attempt at writing Emily. She wrote an E, M, and an I, with an L and O. But what a great attempt at writing "I love U Emily!" She's starting to listen to the sound of letters and figuring out how to spell. Isn't she amazing?

When she said she needed a new piece of paper because her letter got wet Rey told her to e-mail her (jokingly of course, Emily is also 4) and Miranda replied, "Okay, show me how to get on," with a completely straight face.

That reminded me of another time when she was 3 she told us that the little computer icon on the Green Giant box that said said, "" TOO funny!

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Rosie said...

Hay Que Chulada de tu hija!! Como me hizo (sp?) reir.