Tuesday, August 30, 2005

The Little Luxuries in Life

There are some things you don't realize you miss until you don't have them. Like a radio in your car. My radio and CD player has been out for a few weeks and I didn't realize I missed it so much until now that Rey fixed it. I sure missed NPR! I didn't realize how much I missed that station either. I would listen to the radio sometimes in the morning as I got dressed, but the radio is meant to be listened to in the car.

Another thing I know I would miss, and I don't understand how my husband survived without his, is air condition in the car. I would go insane in the Houston summer without a/c. That's almost suicidal! Well my husband's air was out in his car for a while and I have no idea how he survived. He just got it fixed last week and he is so happy now. I'm even happier than him because now he'll be able to pick up the kids from the sitter's which means that I'll be home 30-45 min earlier each day!!

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