Sunday, August 07, 2005

I Love Target

First of all, I love Target but Target is a dangerous place. Everytime I would pick up something new and I'd throw it in my stroller I'd tell Miranda, "Let's get out of here before I get in trouble." She was puzzled by why I would say this and I had to explain to her that I'd get in trouble with myself for spending too much money. I still don't think she understood but she was a really good sport about putting up 2 things she really didn't need for 2 things she really wanted. She ended up with a sleeping bag she's been wanting and a ballet outfit for the ballet classes she's starting this fall. (Which reminds me! I need to find the application form and I need to go by the school to check them out.) I found a really cute light blue workout outfit in my size and my size I mean length too. I'm so short that most pants are too long. I got the pants with the matching hoodie for the fall. Very cute. Rey asked me if I want to look like Oprah.

I'm actually up early. I've been up since 8. I was reading some stuff online and now I'm making Chorizo con Huevo for breakfast. It's Sunday, the one day a week I eat a bad breakfast. I'm not eating until after I come back from walking. After breakfast I'm off to get a pedicure that I really need and then home to write a talk (speech kinda) for tomorrow's meeting. Busy morning because I have a meeting today at 4 too.

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