Sunday, February 23, 2014

Coming Soon to a Blog Near You--- ShoeGirl Corner To Re-launch as a Shoe Blog

I have some exciting news. is about to re-launch as a Shoe blog this year. I say in my intro that I don't sell shoes, however shoes are a big part of my life. I'm not one of those people that has a million shoes. I'm just your normal, every day working mom who has a healthy amount of shoes. The most important thing to me when it comes to shoes is variety. I aspire to have a shoe in every major color, both closed toe and open toe.

My TOMS ballet flats.

For example, I recently fell in love with TOMS ballet flats. They are so comfortable! And they have been my life-savers this past month. ($79-$89)

I love heels! I'm only 5'2 so heels have been a way of life for me ever since my mother let me put on that first pair when I was around fifteen years old. I wish I could remember the exact first pair but I can bet it was a pair of shiny black patent leather pumps. It was the 80s after all!

Six weeks ago I started feeling a pain in my Achilles tendon when I wore my favorite Nine West sling backs with a platform in the front. I couldn't believe that was happening to me. I was in such denial that I wore them to an event again the next day and sadly I could hardly walk on my heels.

I very reluctantly made an appointment with a podiatrist. I have heard so many horror stories about podiatrist visits. I've had friends and friends of friends who have had foot surgery and never wore a pair of high heels again. My rational side know that this isn't the case with every person but I am still leery. In the end I decided to cancel my appointment and to treat myself by not wearing heels. My therapy was wearing my TOMS ballet flats and Nikes.

I went about five weeks without wearing heels and then I wore a pair of enclosed Nine West black pumps that gave my foot support. My foot only hurt slightly but the next day while wearing flats I felt the pain again. Not good.

My new pain is on the same foot but it's the ankle this time. I wore my TOMS all weekend and I could feel the pain shooting on the side of my foot. Sadly I realize that I have to make that appointment with the podiatrist. This is not going to be good... Thank goodness for my TOMS flats.

Check back often and you'll find a whole new look at ShoeGirl Corner. Same name and you'll still be able to enter through, but a brand new layout, plus weekly content on shoes. The topics will vary. Like this one, what shoes to wear when you are having foot problems. What if you're a woman who wears a size 12. Where can you find cute sexy shoes? What about women who don't like very high heels but would still like to find a sexy sling back in a medium size or kitten heel?

I may throw in some beauty product ideas to spice things up sometimes. I have beauty needs like all women! It will still be ME, a Latina mom who loves shoes and who is juggling two kids and a writing life. I will definitely take suggestions so please feel free to leave a comment or PM me if you know me in real life. I'm excited! And I hope you are too.


GayleinHousron said... know flats are 't good for you either. Podiatrist will put you in SUPPORT shoes! Hope you are pain free soon.

Rachel said...

Super excited for your re-launch! I can't wear flats (other than this one certain pair of crocs that are AMAZINGLY comfortable, and not really flats)


Unknown said...

Congratulations on your new launch!
- Colleen with

Independentmami said...

Cant wait to see what shoegirl is up to next

Unknown said...

I was looking for articles on branded shoes and I came across yours inspiring read. Cant wait to see what is coming up next on sjoegirlcorner. You are one of among the selected writer who
I always love to read.