Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Fall Has Arrived, if Even for a Few Days

Every year I have my fall post. This is it. I love FALL!!! I love fall and spring in Houston. We don't really have a real winter so it's kind of just fall and then spring here and then it's summer again.

(Photo by: Jean-Pol GRANDMONT And we do not have leaves like this in Houston in the fall. Very far and few between.)

Sunday we had our first cold front. It was amazing! It was so cool on Monday morning, so after I got home from dropping off the kids I went out for a walk for an hour. It felt so great!

We're supposed to have some cool days for the remainder of the week but at the end of the week it's supposed to start getting warm again. I'm really hoping it happens on Saturday after we have our reunion on Friday night because it's going to be outside.

Outside doesn't usually go over well with me unless it's winter time. I'm hoping for the best Friday night with this new cool front. PLLLLEEEAAAASE Cold front! Can you stretch it out until Friday night?

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