Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Restoring My House in the City

One of my biggest worries now that I am busy with my new business opportunities is that I won't do what I set out to do initially. When I said that I was going to take the summer off I said that I was going to stay home for the summer with the kids, I was going to remodel the house, and that I was going to write. I have done none of these in the 3.5 weeks that I have been off.

The two things that are the most important to me are writing my novel and restoring my house before it continues to devalue. It is SO embarrassing and sad that I have been talking about renovating this house for 10 years and that I still haven't done it! I went back and found this old blog post and I was shocked when I realized that I had the plumbing re-done TWO years ago! Two years! That is how long it has taken me to finally take up this project again.

I have decided that this is just a soft launch for Casares Communications. I am only going to take on a few projects this summer and I will go full time when school starts. I have to also remind myself that it's just me right now, one person, and I shouldn't bite off more than I can chew.

In the meanwhile I have subscribed to House Beautiful. Anybody who knows me knows that this is so not me! However, I do love old houses and old buildings and that is what intrigues me. I love living in the city and I love living in an old house like this one that was built in 1940. Old houses have so much more character!

I've owned this book Restoring a House in the City for the last couple of years and I love some of the decor ideas in this book. And of course there are all my Pinterest boards, like this one for Mexican kitchens or this one for living room ideas. Yeah, I do have some domestic bones in my body after all!

So here we go again! First things first, the roof. Then replace the wood around the outside of the house as well as replacing the small overhang at the front door. After the roof and the wood, I need to fix walls in my house, then paint, and then on to refinishing all my hardwood floors. Then there are the upstairs attic rooms that are in desperate need of a complete overhaul so I can use them. One will be Miranda's room and the other is an office/family space. That is the last of the big projects, along with fixing my narrow staircase to get upstairs. I need to do something about that as well.

So yes it will take time to do all of this but when I am finally finished I will feel like I have accomplished a very big goal and I will.

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