Friday, October 26, 2012

My First Blogger Conference- I'm Such A Virgin! Latism '12

For years I have been so jealous of people when they get to go to blogger conferences, especially BlogHer. I long for the day when I too can go to that conference and rub elbows with all the awesome wonderful women bloggers is cyberspace.

Well my dream has come true! Tomorrow I get to join my fellow Hispanic/Latino bloggers here in my very own home city of Houston for Latism '12 and I am so excited!! I know that to you non-bloggers and non-social media savvy people I sound like a total nerd and that's okay. I understand.

If a few years ago you had told me that you were excited about doing the same thing I would have probably thought, "Nerd!" Now that I am not only immersed in blogging but that I understand what impact this is having on communication and marketing I am the nerd.

I'm actually going for two reasons. One is because yes I am a blogger, on here and on skirt! magazine, but also because I work in Hispanic media and marketing. I am also a research nerd and I thrive on knowledge about what makes people, consumers, readers, tick. I want to know how we are going to take our product, our publication to the next level in this great digital shift.

So I'm going tomorrow as a blogger and as a Hispanic marketing specialist. I'm looking forward to learning a lot and meeting a lot of interesting people. Updates to come on Twitter! Follow me @shoegirl1970!

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